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Removing Pencil Marks from a Painted Wall

I don’t know when he did this but I woke on Saturday morning to a not-so-lovely drawing on 2 walls. John has a heart of gold, however, he is 3 year’s old and leaving his mark on things is definitely a favorite pass time of his.

Let me say, the initial panic I felt was brought on by similar situations in the past involving ink pen, sharpie, or marker being used to graffiti  my home. Now those are tricky to remove and always led to me painting them eventually. I was a bit relieved to discover it was pencil but I still was not sure of the best method of removal.

With a touch of common sense, I thought , ” why not try an eraser, works on paper!” A quick internet search confirmed I wasn’t crazy. I used a regular, large, pink eraser. It left a scuff mark at first, kept on rubbing and that went away also. It even worked to get it out of the groves on the molding.

I truly enjoy the challenge of motherhood (well maybe not always in the moment :D). I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff with them. They certainly don’t mind seeing their “artwork” on the walls. I’m just glad to not be painting these walls for a second time this year.  Success!!

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