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Happiness is Homemade.

I found this sign at a little local store next to where I work. It said “Happiness is Homemade”. That phrase resonated with me. It said, ” Yep ! Happiness and Joy is in your hands! You and your family are in control of the amount of Joy you feel! ”  It inspired me. We are all on a quest for more peace and joy and the dang sign was only $8 so I bought it.

Ain’t that the truth!?!

Here it hangs in our new home and continues to inspire us.

Life has twists and turns. Our plans don’t always work out. Sometimes I find myself wondering if I am going in the right direction or making the right decisions. I’ve found, over the years, that when we, as a family, focus on our collective goals and set our intentions in that direction that things slowly fall into place. Maybe not exactly the way we envisioned but oftentimes even better.

Keep the faith! Attitude is everything. A positive attitude makes for a positive perspective.


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