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Tree Top Adventures at Levi Jackson State Park

We were given a couple of free passes for the local Tree Top Adventures zip line and obstacle course. We had been wanting to go for a while and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Loved it!! We started on the easiest course to get accustomed to using the clips. It is an awesome system with two clips, there is really no way to not be clipped to the cables once you start the course until you reach the end. As far as safety, I would feel completely comfortable with my 8 (almost 9) year old going on the easy to moderate courses by himself after the first run.


Jackson starting the beginner’s course.


Rocking the Harness

When the evening light began to fade they turned on rope lighting to light the course. Very cool!!

Lighting was terrible for photos but very cool for a treetop adventure!

We attempted a more challenging course after most of the natural lighting was gone and climbing the rope ladder in the dark was just too much for Jackson. The staff was awesome and rescued him. Being lowered down from 40+ feet off a platform to the ground was an experience all in itself!

We all can’t wait to go back and will go earlier in the afternoon for lighting alone.

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