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I left my Garden during Harvest for… Vacation.

The Black Beauty Tomatoes are almost ripe!

In my haste and desperation to escape from daily tasks and work I planned a vacation. To be fair, it had to happen before the 8 year old headed to third grade so this really was the last chance for summer vacation. What I didn’t realize is that tomatoes would be coming in at 3 buckets full every 2 days along with beans and cucumbers. My Mother is truly a gift from above. She has picked produce, processed produce, canned, watered flowers and made sure the animals had plenty of food and water. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Salsa, Pickles, and Canned tomato sauce.
More Tomatoes than Time.

Dishpan Cushaw.

Lesson Learned:

Vacation has to happen earlier in the summer next

year. The farm gets a little bigger and more time consuming each year. I know in my bones that there will come a time when long trips away from the farm will be few and far between.

Thanks again to Mom and Dad for both the hard work and the pictures sent to remind us that, while vacation is great and very necessary from time to time, there is no place like home.

2 thoughts on “I left my Garden during Harvest for… Vacation.

  1. What a blessing when we are blessed with fruits for our labor that we can share with family and friends! It’s like giving a part of ourself to others.

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