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Green Beans: Freezing without blanching.

So, freezing is my absolutely favorite way to preserve green beans, let me tell you why…..

I grew up eating canned beans. They were on my Mamaw’s table at nearly every dinner. Easy to grow an abundance of these things, they became a staple. I liked them fine out of those jars; a little bacon grease, a pinch of sugar, and the taste was just fine.

My husband had a very different experience with canned greens beans. His was more exposed to the warmed, commercially canned version that always seemed to show up in the school cafeteria. Needless to say, he developed no love for this version.

The texture of my canned green beans was the association for him to the bland, soggy bean of his youth. I had to find a way to preserve these easily grown tasty beans while creating a new texture with a delicious taste for my husband.

Freezing without blanching was the answer! The texture is not soggy or slimy. The beans hold up for pan searing or even the air fryer.

Instruction for easy Freezer Green Beans

  1. String and Break Beans.
  2. Portion out into freezer bags.
  3. Using food saver – or some other vacuum sealer – remove air and seal.
  4. Using a Sharpie remember to date these beauties.
  5. They will last 12-18 months in a reliable freezer.
A shopping bag full of fresh picked green beans resulted in this processed amount for freezing.


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