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Tomatoes: Freezing

Freezing tomatoes is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to preserve tomatoes that I have found. I process them exactly the same way as if I am getting ready to can them. Get instructions here.

Once tomatoes are peeled, cored, and quartered I use a manual potato masher to mash them a bit and ladle them into freezer bags.

Using the handy Food Saver ( more on that later – definitely worth buying the Food Saver as opposed to a cheaper brand that we tried before) I remove extra air and seal the bags.

Beautiful, right!?! You can remove seeds when you are coring and quartering if you do not prefer them.

I then place paper towels between the bags, stack them, place them in the top of the freezer where they will freeze the fastest. DONE! Quick and easy.

Stacked and separated with paper towels. Ready to Freeze.

These beauties will keep in the freezer for 12-18 months.  Don’t forget to date the bags!

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